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taurus 357 revolver

I own a taurus from miami(made in brazil). I will never buy another one, but the one I own can be trusted even though it took some work. They can't handle the wear and tear like a s&w or ruger.. I have been shooting and had stuff just fall off...literally have to use my eyes strained and find a screw and fix. I chose dislike via experience. It is nothing personal; I just don't agree with the weapon and feel some people don't realize a better quality until they try. My taurus is the only revolver I have ever owned that was extremely picky w/the ammo too. It was locking up before I found the ammo(and grainage) that worked for it. I only feel comfortable shooting heavy grain ammo out of it. the 125gr remington(very poplular ammo) locking up the cylinder. that was ridiculous to me.
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