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I found IMR 8208 XBR better than Varget for consistency (although slightly less speed) and it's temperature insensitive. It's my preferred powder now.
Yeah Ive heard this is a good powder. May try it. But have had a hard time talking myself out of using the Rx15 for most my target stuff. But may try it in replacement of the Varget used in my SST load.

Know the twist and stick to 1 weight that's best. 1 for hunting, 1 for target. If you're rifle shoots 1/2MOA with 168's amd 1MOA with 175s, why use 175s?
Si. I never shot heavier than the 168's. Though some with the 1/12 twist have claimed that the 175's do just as well. May try a box some day for kicks just to see if it can handle it.

Always measure to OAL at the Ogive. This means investing in a OAL gauge & comparator. Hornady's is good for the job.
Measure to better than a 1/10 grain powder with a digital scale. I found a great one on Amazon for under $60, that measures to 2/100 grain. It works great for me.
Neck size (or FL with a custom die to your chamber, worth it for long run)
Always Chrono. The low cost Stoney Point is a good enough rifle rest, without one, or at least a bipod, consistent aim point will be off.
I have a good bench rest. I use a good frankfort (I think its called) digital powder measure.
I don't have a chrono yet. I never load for speed. I find that the middle of the road powder charges is usually more accurate so I roll with that. But if I get a new bullet I try the whole range.
Help me understand why its important to need a chrono.
I have OAL gauge. I just load for mag length anyways. I have played with the OAL with the SMK and found that the mag length actually preformed the best. It was a lot of jump but I'm glad it worked. Weird... honestly. I also have a comparator. I'm ashamed to say that I can solve a rubiks cube in less than 3 minutes but I cant figure out how to use that comparator....

Thanks for the info!

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