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I too would recommend that you build it if you feel comfortable with it; but I'm assuming that due to the fact that you are new to the platform you would rather buy a complete gun, or just stick a upper on a lower. I recommend sticking the upper on the lower.

Maybe a BCM rifle length upper with a rail system, a Chromed BCG, Charging handle to meet your fancy, and a Rock River Arms Complet A2 Lower With or without the NM trigger. The BCG and charging handle go into the upper easily without tools, and the upper goes on the lower with the push of 2 pins. Also it A 18" barrel should fill most any needs you have. With practice you can go out to 1000 yards with it, the 1 in 8 twist works well with everything from 55 grain bullets up to 80 grain bullets, the heavy profile barrel also helps, and the extra 2 inches of barrel length doesn't make that much of a difference. The setup I suggested comes out to about $1200, and will serve every practical purpose you can think of; including looking cool.

Good luck picking or building your new rifle. I hope to see a "I got a new rifle" post from you soon
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