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1)Old model 66. Second gun I ever bought. It worked well for a few thousand rounds then went off kilter. CS stank, took forever but the revolver came back okay. I still have it.
2)Model 94. Awful. Rifling was shallow, accuracy stank. It fired but was poorly made. Traded it.
3)PT-22. It worked, ran like a clock. I sold it because I really didn't have a use for a bitty .22. I wish I'd kept it.
4)1st gen PT-111. Piece of crap. Horrible trigger. The extractor bounced out while firing. CS was horrendous and after a long wait couldn't seem to send me the right piece. Twice. I gave up, put the old extractor back with the new spring and pin, cemented it with Gun Tite. Then the retaining clip for the takedown pin broke and the pin fell out while at the range. CS was still awful, sent it back to me with a new clip but without fixing the problem to keep it from happening again. I traded it.
5)Model 85. Great gun. I gave it to my (now-) ex-sister-in-law. I miss that gun.

In short, they've been hit or miss for me. Customer support was ignorant, unhelpful, and downright unprofessional. At one point I lost my patience and told the representative to take the candy out his mouth so I could understand him over the teeth-clicking and slurping noises. I'd rather spend my money on something more reliable and with better customer support.
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