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There was six of us boys and we did our share of sneaking out and not being where we were supposed to be when we got into our teens but things were often handled a bit different back then.

Example, at age 16, went to stay with a buddy of mine. We knew of an un-chaperoned party goin on at a school mates house. My buddy parents nor my parents let us run around with this particular school mate cause the boy was always in trouble.

We sneaked out and went to the party , were drinking and having a big time till my buddies dad showed up. He proceeded to snatch a knot in my buddy's and my butt. His dad then drove to my house, marched me up to the front door by the nape of the neck, knocked on the door and explained to my dad what was going on.
All this was about 2-2:30 in the morning.

Let me just tell ya that dad didn't like being woke up at that hour. Especially with dumb stuff.

Think I had a full beard by the time I was no longer grounded.... and split firewood every night and weekends till I could have won 1st place in a lumberjack contest. Think we heated the house with the wood I split for the next ten years.

Can still remember dad walking past as I would be splitting saying to me " just think, if you would have stayed where you had permission to be you would have 5 helpers(brothers) out here with ya".

Mom and Dad were big on trust but both believed very strongly that trust was earned, not given.
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