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Hello Sweet Shooter,
Here the album including the last pics of the Carcano, scope mounted and bolt handle replaced....the replacement came from a straight bolt cut off from a Siamese mauser.
At the begining of the album you could see the barreled action as I originally got it.
Total cost of this project:
Barreled action $40
Boyd Stock semi-inlett, ship included $120
Post and arcagel bedding $ 5
Sand papers $ 10
Packmayr mount used, ship included $ 40
Scope-Chief 3-9x32 used, $ 25
Welding the bolt handle $ 20
My time to put it togheter pricelees.... keep me busy, decompress and relaxing after a working day and out of trouble for several evenings !!!!
Now I reloads some rounds, and will see if all this was worthed. I decided that for this baby I will use 160 grain tips, since have a full box of hornady RN on hand for over 20 yrs.!!!
We (My son and I) have 2 others 6.5, Husky, that they been feed exclusively 139 grain tip and both sub moa rifles.

Here http://
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