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I had my class today (passed easily with my Taurus), and while we were on a lunch break I went inside and picked up my Cougar. Needless to say I am mad as hell. They did a really crappy job of stoning the lug. I thought they had just "took off the burrs" from the lug. Instead they stoned it down, sloppily I might add, and completely rounded off the front of it. They left scratches on the barrel from where they stoned it, and hit the bluing with a friggin bluing pen. The worst part is, I was right. The tolerances are completely off now, and even the bottom of the barrel is taking a beating now. I HAD to bring this gun home, and take photos of it, and also the stupid letter those morons at Stoeger sent in the box with my gun.

As you can see there is allot of wear on the bottom of the barrel, just reminding you guys, this gun is a month old.

A look at what they did to the lug, if you have a cougar, yours is square.

In this pic you can see through the blue pen blue job they did, and see that the damage was to the whole length of the barrel lug.

Another look of the damage they did, every time I look at this pic it gets me steamin.

And of course, a copy of the letter.
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