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Reason #1 Taurus revolver. Ordered it special through a dealer locally. When it came in it would not cycle properly. IN THE GUN SHOP. Right out of the box. Would not make it all the way around without locking up. Cleaned it well, it still would not. Sent it back. Came back from taurus and would cock and fire all the way around. Unfortunately now it had a .022 cylinder gap and a tremendous amount of endshake. Spit lead like nobodys business. Sent it back to taurus again. This time it took almost three months of phone calls to get it back. They sent me a new gun. I traded it in on a used smith and wesson in the dealers case for my wife as a valentines day gift. That 686 has been flawless the whole time we owned it.

Reason #2 After waiting a sufficient amount of time I thought i would try taurus again. This time I bought a pt1911, stainless. Out of the box I thought I got the best deal ever on a 1911. I shot about 200 rounds, it was flawless, accurate, great trigger, really liked it. Im a reloader so I keep track of rounds through guns, especially when new. Right around 200-250 the ambi safety fell apart. The right side fell off when firing. I figured, what the heck, just buy one and put it on, no big deal, so I did. Then at about 500 rounds, the slide lock BROKE. Complete snap. I still went ahead and bought one, since I new all about taurs customer service from my previous experience. I put it up in the safe and forgot about it for awhile. About six months later I figured I would use it in an IDPA match. Halfway though it started having FTE. I put it up and grabbed my uncles back-up gun, an old Colt. When I got home I found that the extractor had broken. Again, like the slide lock, it just snapped. I bought an extractor, fitted it, and sold the gun.

After these two experiences I will not buy a single Taurus product. Nothing. I will also advocate against it to anyone that wants my opinion.

I usually dont share this online, because everytime you talk bad about Taurus the "fanboys" (I mean NO DISRESPECT to Taurus owners, just the arrogant type) come out of the woodword to tell you how you are stupid, lying, or just dont know what you are talking about because thier cheap gun is ten times better than the quality firearm you bought.
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