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Scope territory:

Either my K98 8mm Mauser sporter w/Leupold scope or Rem 700 8mm with Burris scope and Norma 165 gr Vulcan SPs. Almost hate to use the Norma 165s at this point since they are so rare and no longer made, so I sometimes use Norma or S&B 196s or GA Arms 180 gr ballistic tips.

Iron sight territory:

K31 7.5 x 55 Swiss straight pull with either Norma 180 gr or Hornady Custom 168 gr BTSP.

Hunting for me is as much about the cold air adventure and getting to use a nice rare gun as anything. I recall my first deer hunt as a youngster.....with a H&R .410 single barrel and 2.5" slugs. Dad wouldn't let me take a 12 GA at that early stage, although the real hunting began when I got my first high powered rifle, a Winchester M94 30-30, which is honestly enough in most cases, but 8mms are more fun.
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