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Originally Posted by johnwilliamson062 View Post
I shot about 100 rounds out of my marlin 22 LR today.
I have red lines on my shoulder/upper arm that more or less match the edge of the butt-pad. ten or so vertical lines. I guess they are bruises.
I notice this same pattern sometimes when I was shooting trap a lot. Usually only one or two and not every time I shot.

When I shot trap I assumed I took a shot or two without the gun pulled in tight and it bruised me. We went through several "Mad Minute" courses of fire, so definitely could have had bad stance there. I can't believe the 22 had enough recoil to cause bruises even if I was not holding it tight. The Marlin is light, but not that light. I noticed nothing while shooting.

Is this indicative of a certain technique problem?
Since the bruising is also on my upper arm I guess I did not have the rifle in the pocket either.
This does sound odd, if you're not on any blood thiners then holding it too tightly is the only thing I can think of, or maybe you just bruise easily?

I shot between 300 and 340 rounds with my FS (5.56) the other day and not the slightest hint of bruising...

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