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45-70 BP help - excessive chamber/throat?

Soooo, I just got my 45-70 Pedersoli rolling block and tried to figure out the max possible OAL (I like seating bullets as close to the rifling as possible) and with both my .457 395 grain and .458 520 grainers I get a max length of whopping 2.810''.

I'm fairly new to reloading BP cartridges, my Lee manual says max OAL for the 45-70 is 2.550, I know this is only relevant for lever action rifles etc. but not so much for single shot rifles - but isn't 2.810 a little excessive? I'd have to seat the bullets waaay out exposing more than one of the grease grooves to make the bullet kiss the rifling.

More than half of the 395 grain bullet would stick out of the case that way. (Starline brass)

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