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I can comfortably carry, and easily a conceal my Ruger SR9c all year. After experimenting a lot with the upper limit of what I can carry in warm weather, a Glock 19 is right at the tipping point between 'yes' and 'no'. My PPQ is on the wrong side of that line in warm weather. Of course, we wear heavy clothes 8/12 months in Oregon.

Why do I prefer to carry the largest types that I can carry?

1. Controllability. If I have to shoot while moving, with a one-handed grip, my SR9c gives me greater grip, improved felt recoil, and a far superior trigger to the DAO single stacks dominating the subcompact category.

2. Accuracy with longer shots IS a worthwhile consideration in places (like Oregon) where the law allows you to shoot to save another person. 0-12 feet is most common in self defense, but there are shooting situations every month where action was taken at longer range. Texas bystander shoots man to save stabbing victim... Responsible citizen makes 165 yard (!!!) shot with .357 revolver to defend a police officer...

3. Capacity. 10+1, plus 10 or 17 in a spare mag on my belt.

If I have to use my weapon, I want to have something that gives me the best possibility of putting shots where they need to go, as fast as I need them to get there.
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