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1)Do simple search on any forums under ONE SHOT ,Seized case, and see what you come up with.
2) Call RCBS(probably some of the others also) and ask them,The makers of die< what they think of One Shot, and just what % of dies they get back from people with a seized case compared to ALL the other common lubes.
3) I myself have used it several times with rifle case(and yes, I was dried for several minutes, plus multiple combos of more spray, less , more dry time,ect..) while SOME worked, often you could hear the case barely not seizing plus pressure to size was way higher than just putting a dab of Imperial wax or RCBS case lube on the same cases.
4) I could care less if you say it is good, you are a very minority, and if it works for you, thats fine. AS I said I use it on pistols and it works ok for that,just not recomended for rifles.

Now, comes the rebelion how I'm totally wrong,ect,, ect.......
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