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Respectfully, I did not say that the M1 was "not widely fielded", Tahuna.

I posted, quote: "The M1 wasn't as universally issued as may be thought either." I in no way stated that it was not "widely fielded". It was. But so was the 1903, overall. Not in for example 1945, true, but if we start looking at only specific years of conflict, then I can simply pick a year in which the SVT40 and K43 didn't exist and/or were not the standard arm

The BAR was not adopted as a main battle rifle and it was capable of fully automatic fire, but I quantified my use of that rifle as an example, by saying that if we simply look at magazine capacity, the BAR had more. Quote: "Using the criteria of just the detachable box" You have missed my point. The point was that there's more to being a standout than simply mag capacity. Taken to an extreme, then the M1 carbine with a 30 round detachable mag would have made a fine main battle rifle, and please understand that I know it was not used in that manner, but again, if that's the criteria, it would have been superior
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