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I don't feel particulary controlled in my daily life.
That’s because you have come to accept the laws and regulations as being normal.. I won’t go off into the weeds but few aspects of your life do not have some legislation covering them even if it isn’t actively enforced or isn’t at this time being actively enforced against you individually.

3,000,000 people a year hurt in auto accidents and yet no one’s hollering for car control and outlawing of cars and yet vehicles have no constitutional standing... Maybe felons shouldn’t be able to drive cars either.

Under the Patriot Act you can be subject to wiretaps without judicial order and lets not forget the National Security letters, you cant even see a lawyer without violating the law, nor complain to anyone else...

My point isnt to put on the tin hat or even debate these items, far be it.... My point known to you or unknown to you lots of laws are effecting you in negative ways everyday... Can you even go and buy milk direct from the farmer? not so much anymore... Its not that all laws are bad but we as a nation have driven over some cliff...

Certainly government is bigger and more powerful than ever intended, maybe its time to add some new amendments to the bill of rights and create safeguards against the tidal waves of new law passing.... Its all up to us with our votes...
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