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Taser C2, application(s)...

I'm not a sworn LE officer, lawyer(with a JD) or own a C2 Taser; but to my knowledge, the C2 or private citizen version has a more powerful EDW(electric discharge weapon) than the LE/military only X26, X2, X3 Tasers.
The C2s also dispurse a large burst of tiny particles that allow the LE officers who respond to quickly ID the subject(s) who attacked you.
Taser training & policy is for a citizen to deploy a C2 then flee to a safe place if possible. To my knowledge, you can't repeatedly shoot a C2 or EDW because there is only one charge.
I also read that if you are cleared by your local PD or DA's office, Taser will send you a brand new C2 Taser with the legal documents(statements, police reports, etc). That seems fair.
As for firearms & lethal force, I'd only draw and/or fire my concealed firearm in a lethal force event. To carry "rubber bullets", blanks or to "scare" people is not my plan. Some LE agencies & security firms mandate a "shoot to wound" or "fire warning shots" but I disagree with this concept.
My state's Div of Licensing also requires that firearms only be used to defend yourself(the license holder) or others if they are in danger of a violent crime(rape, murder, armed robbery, arson, etc).
When firearms are deployed, you should be fully ready & able to use lethal for e if needed. If you can't use lethal force or honestly feel you have reservations about it, DO NOT carry a loaded firearm.

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