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This subject comes around seems like every month or so. Your carry gun is a very personal choice, no one can make that choice for you.

I have been carrying a gun professionally for over 3 decades and concealed that long as well. I have also gone thru revolvers, and auto's of every shape and size.

My experience has shown me that I will carry the biggest, most powerful gun I can conceal and shoot well. I am a huge fan of the 357 Magnum, it just works. My carry gun these days in my Glock 27/33 which is a 40 Glock converted to 357 Sig. It holds (with the G23 mag I carry) 14 rounds of 125 grain Gold Dot @1450 FPS.

Add 1 reload to the mix and I have 27 rounds in the same size and weight package as my 640 and 15 rounds assuming I would carry 2 reloads.

If you want a revolver, carry a revolver. Whatever you carry, master it so that you can run it without conscious thought. If you have misgivings about safely handling your gun, you need more training.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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