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The years were 1958,1959, the PX near Uijongbu. The boxes were buff colored, similar to GI issue. I have no idea of the source, but it didn't look like Chinese issue ammunition. As I recall the boxes looked similar to the 12 Ga. boxes sold there.

Bob Wright
Man that is a far cry from today. PX's in deployed areas sell fixed blade knives from time to time, but no ammo at all. I wish they would sell guns and ammo overseas, but then again in iraq as a civilian security contractor I had to get permission from the iraqi government to to carry a gun and that took about 2-3 months from the time i got in country. The Army also wanted us to only carry our weapons when we were on duty and turn them into the company arms room at th eend of our shift.

Not sure what the rules are for soldiers, but a contractor would get in major trouble if caught with an unauthorized weapon. Fired at the very least.


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