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"...and the AK wins it period ad the best battle gun period..."

The AK is NOT the best "battle rifle", it is not the worst "battle rifle"...

Fact is, it is NOT a "battle rifle" at all... It is an "assault rifle". There IS a difference!

"Opinion is one thing, but to base an entire argument on the premise of "Well everyone knows it, so there!" is crap."

Thinking that something that is wrong is correct does NOT make it correct. If everyone thinks that something that is wrong is correct only makes everyone wrong...

"The Germans still had a number of FW-200 Condors that possibly could have been modified to carry a bomb."

No way the Condor could handle the load. Too many structural problems with the design.

"The FW 200 was the first airplane to make a non-stop flight between Berlin and New York City (1938)."

But not with a 9,700+ pound bomb...

"Possibly an even more capable German aircraft for that kind of duty was the Junkers Ju 290."

Better yet the Ju 390.

"...and had just enough range to make a round trip flight."

The fallacy here is that it had to reach the US...

It would only have to make a 1 way flight to the UK!

"Then there was the Me 264..."

Also could not make it with the load required...

The Me 264-2/Me 362 (a different airplane in reality) might...

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