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many of the reliability issues with the SVT 40 sprang from the fact that Russian soldiers were not trained on how to clean and maintain it. they were taught on the 91/30 bolt action which may very well be one of the most simplistic designs of WWII where as the SVT40 was one of the most complicated designs used by the USSR.

IIRC the SVT was also easier to maintain than the garand since you just had to remove the handguard to access the gas piston instead of dang near taking half the rifle apart.

the K43 however was a fine weapon with the only real gripe I'm aware of being the accuracy. the K43 was originally indended to be a sniper rifle so very little thought was put into sights and instead they were all fitted with side mounted quick-detach rails for scopes but since the K98 was more accurate many snipers still preferred it and all of the GIs didn't perform well with the sights.

the SVT used the same sight arrangement as the 91/30 so there was no adjustment for russian soldiers but both rifles were made abnormally long by modern semi auto standards which made them heavy, not that the shorter M1 was not also heavy.
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