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I'm a grown man in the prime of my life. I don't need anyone's permission to "do" anything. My wife in under my protection and care along with my children. I'm the head of the household; remember that expression? Once you get them to wrap their mind around that concept (and, in these days and times, that might take a little work), they wouldn't have it any other way. Because I'll tell you one thing, they may bird dog you to death until you just throw up your hands and let them have their way, but when somebody is breaking into your house or starting trouble at the bar they expect their "man" to step up and do battle.

Every single one of my male friends who has allowed the woman to think that she is really the one in charge or is the "Mother" of the entire family (husband included) has come to regret it. In many cases, it seems to be a slippery slope. The more control you give them, the more they take; all the while losing respect for you for letting them get the bit between their teeth in the first place. And, I understand all that "partnership" stuff. Whatever gets you through the night. But when it comes down to final decision time, I'm the one sitting in the driver's seat.
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