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wrong section, same old story, the last rifle you claimed was "the greatest in history" sparked a discussion that is still ongoing. perhaps it may be better to wait until one post runs it's course before you make the same post with a different rifle.

BTW the garand had far too many drawbacks to be the greatest. en blocs being the major one, both the german K43 and Russian SVT40 were superior in that they both had 10 round box mags and could be reloaded with stripper clips or topped off where as the garand required the ejection of all ammo still in the gun if you wanted to make sure it was full.

the only thing that made the garand more successful was that the US army was not afraid to issue the garand in large numbers where as the german and russian armies felt that giving a soldier a semi would cause him to spray and pray, wasting much needed ammo so they kept their several million semi auto on the side lines and in rear echelons for much of the war.
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