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" Gargamel6

newbie- Loading .308, and soon .223- recommendations
As so many, ... inherited a RCBS JR3(?),... continue reloading .308 and to start .223 eventually....

My specific questions are:

1) Is there a powder that will work relatively well for both .308, and .223 that will meter accurately ....

2) What is a good comprehensive reloading manual to invest in? ...

3) While at the range the other day ...noticed there was a ding in the body of nearly all of the brass. ..."

Your questions in order, by number.

1) There are many good powders that work very well in both the .223/5.56 and the .308/7.62. I personally use 748 a lot but H4895 sneaks in from time to time. The point is there are so many that are good.

2) As listed earlier, Lyman 49th manual is very good. More is better, look at Modern Reloading by Richard Lee.

3) Dents are not good. As the brass is worked, it gets harder. Don't dis-pare, it irons out on the next firing and still will last several loading. I have found that auto-loaders that are improperly gassed/wrong buffer/overly strong ejector/weak extractor/some other items, can dent brass. Of the many AR/M4s that I have owned/shot, only one bounces brass off of the deflector hard enough to dent the case mouth (but only with some loads). So it is not a general occurrence.

Also, you stated that you wanted to save some cash. Yea right. If the bug gets you, you will only shoot more for less but more.

Enjoy and be safe,

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