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I'm an FFDO. The issue weapon is a USP Compact 40 law enforcement model. This means its DA only. When I got in the program HK would sell me one at half price so I bought one. The gun is pretty much what everyone says it is. To me it has a decent trigger, on par with the stock trigger of any other high quality gun, with the exception of my Sig P226. That gun has the best trigger i have ever felt in a stock gun. Mine is a West German made one however, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I have shot my issue gun a lot over the years. Maybe 5 to 6 thousand rounds and it has never failed, not once. All rounds have been 165 to 185 grain HP's. You are only allowed to shoot what they issue you. My personal one has had a variety of ammo through it, and it to has never failed. Although mine only has had maybe 200 rounds through it. They are extremely reliable, the trigger works in very well and they are accurate. Oh, did I mention I'm selling mine? I liked this gun, till I bought my CZ P06. I still like the HK, but I love this CZ. It is incredible. Beautifully made, and because it has internal instead of external slide rails there is absolutely no play in the slide. This gun is tight as a drum yet very smooth. And more accurate than the HK. The first time I shot my CZ, I shot better with it than I can shoot with the HK. And I have a lot of shooting time with the HK. You can buy a new CZ for the same money if not less as a used HK. And it's all steel. I have the HK because I got it at half price, but I am NOT a fan of plastic guns. It's the only one I have or ever will have, unless,once again, I can buy a new one at half price. They work well, are reliable, a little lighter maybe, but plastic? Really?? Come on. Go find a CZ and just hold it. That alone sold me. I now own 4. The P01, 75 Compact 9mm, P06 and a 97BD, the best 45 I have EVER shot. Ok, now lets get down to business. Do you want to buy my HK?? lol.
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