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Originally Posted by JerryM
. . . .If the fed govt can tell the states they have to recognize other state's licenses then the fed gov can also tell them they cannot. I think it is a state's rights issue, and not the Federal

There is little to no parallel between CCW and driver's license.
I don't think the federal government tells the states that they have to recognize other DLs, though. That works through an interstate compact. At least, I've never seen a federal law mandating recognition of non-commercial DLs. For that matter, I haven't seen one mandating recognition of CDLs, but those are more heavily regulated on the federal level.

I do not want to see federally-mandated recognition of CCLs, for reasons already stated by others, such as national standards, which will (IMO) be set at more restrictive levels, rather than less restrictive ones.

However, I would support something like the interstate DL compact, by which states voluntarily sign on to recognize permits from out of state.
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