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Statistically crime is down...
You talkin National,State or Local stats?

Too, guess that depends on where ya live and stats don't mean a thing to a person/persons currently being victimized.

posted by kraigwy:

What was the kid doing running around the neighbor's house in the middle of the night wearing dark clothing and a ski mask?

The father confronted someone wearing a black ski mask and black clothing and then fired his gun when the person went at him with a shiny weapon in his hand, police said.
I blame the kid who was shot in this case. I feel for the father.
Agree with what kraigwy posted

Not that the boy couldn't have sneaked out of the house but one has to wonder where the parents thought this 15yr. old was at 1:00A.M.

A truly tragic event.

Prayers goin out to dad and family.

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