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It's up to you but I love my Lee Pro 1000 that I bought a year ago.So fare I have run about 2000 or more cases through my press rangeing from 380,9mm,40,and 45.I 'm not a big shooter like most on this site but for me and my son we love what the press can and and has done for us.

Changeing it over from 9mm to 40 is a snap you just change out the die block.Now when we need to change it for 380 I need to change out the shell plate and die block.I'll say it's quick and simple.The 45 gets bothe the die block and ( shell plate carrier all together ) I can change it out in about 10 minutes so it's not that much of a deal for me.

My kit came set up with 9mm ready to go for $175.All I did was to check the dies for correct adjustment.Hope I was able to help out for I would buy the kit again.
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