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Respectfully I feel you'll find that bayonet lug barrel bands and also adjustable rear sights could be found as original equipment on very late WWII issued M1 carbines- it's just that it is rarely found and not really easy to prove on a carbine by carbine basis

If the receiver is Inland, there's a chance that the s/n had to be re-struck just behind the bolt, as the adjustable sight obscured many Inland s/ns.

The presence of a re-struck s/n on an Inland is a fairly good indicator that the rifle received arsenal overhaul

Four rivet handguard is 'late'. Stock shows signs of sanding, very long ago. WWII type 'straight belly' stock

It is a fairly late s/n but has a push-button safety, which is kind of odd. That s/n would be summer 1944, I believe. By this date, the push-button safety should have been changed to rotary type

Looks like round bolt, which would also be odd for a 'WWII' carbine, but the USGI carbine was only made during years in which WWII was fought, so in other words, that could be an M2 bolt potentially. I'm no expert, just knowledgeable but the classic 'WWII' bolt is the 'flat top' type

Nice carbine, I would own it in a heartbeat. May be put together from different parts from different carbines, which is not unusual nor "bad". US military rifles and carbines like this had parts mixed during their service life

Do you know how to field strip it?

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