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I'm a true believer in the statement, "It ain't the size of the buck in the hunt, but the size of the hunt in the buck!". Some of my most exciting and challenging hunts produced small bucks while the biggest buck I ever shot was like shooting a fish in a barrel.

My family and I are big venison fans so we shoot meat animals if the rules and the population of deer in an area allows. We also hunt for horn, but where we are hunting and what point of the season determines the size of the horn we're after. Last year I shot a fat doe standing beside a nice 9 point because I was hunting my oldest son's land and I was hoping my youngest would get a chance at the same buck later in the season when he came home from college. Had I been hunting the large parcels of public land we hunt also, or had it been the last day, it would have been the other way around. As my grandpa used to tell me, if the biggest bass in the pond is two pounds than a pound and a halfer is a trophy. If the biggest bass is 8 pounds than that same pound and a halfer is a throwback.
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