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In regards to strip down for cleaning the MKII is not the bear that some make it out to be. I would think the MKIII is the same. The pistol might be tight when brand new. Have owned at least 5 variants of the MKII series and the take down is not that hard , even for ordinary people.
Most get it all wrong in regards to field stripping the Rugers.

Ya don't need to fully disassemble the barrel from the lower grip handle reciever to fully clean the pistol. Ya only need to do that when the fouling starts to affect the trigger assembly/ mag area,- which is every few thousnad rounds. I find That disassembly and reassembly can be done in seconds.

I've only needed fully disassembled mine 3 times in the 10 k i've put through it.

Hmmm... I'm a shooten today

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