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I don't shoot a lot of full power loads out of my 'big game' rifles. Except for hunting season I load reduced power cast bullet loads and use them for varmints, grouse (legal rifle fare in Idaho) and killing rocks and pop cans.
When sighting in for hunting season I usually only have to fire a couple of rounds from the bench, so that is not a problem. If I'm working up full-bore loads for a new rifle and will be shooting more than a few rounds I use a bag of #9 shot as a shoulder pad.
Most of my shooting during the off season is with my beloved old .22 single-shot Western Field rifle that I pack around in the truck with me. Shooting is shooting and a .22 really helps you keep your hand in. It's all about sight picture, breath control and trigger squeeze anyway, so if you can shoot one rifle well you can shoot them all well - so long as your not scared of 'em.
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