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bought one

I've got a custom .308 Win built around a LH Montana 1999 stainless action. I've got a light weight Benchmark SS barrel and a John Frost light weight custom synthetic stock on it. John put it all together to my specs.

The stock is exceptional and fits perfect. The barrel is excellent and doesn't copper foul. I shoot 150 grain Barnes TTSX BT bullets with RL15 in it.

I did have some feeding issues with it initially which might have been attributable to the blind magazine. We didn't use the factory bottom metal. John worked on several things including the magazine spring and I haven't had any problems with that since.

The rifle weighs a little over 6lbs without scope. A Leupold 3.5-10 VX-3 is on it and it has a Timney trigger. The rifle shoots sub one inch groups at 100 yards. With the addition of this I've practically retired my LH 700 in -06. I hunt Oregon wilderness areas and my 7 acres.

I do go to the .338 for elk but wouldn't hesitate to use this rifle for elk if I wanted to.
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