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Accuracy testing my Single Six vs MKII , both with scopes , both shot from rests , the MKII outshoots the Single Six with ease. Still, the Single Six is an accurate revolver.

Shooting both , at 25 yards , standing, with open sights the difference is not as obvious. Both have had trigger work and the Single Six is just as crisp and even lighter.

On a rare occasion the MKII may have a malfunction. The Single Six has only failed to fire when there was a dud round.

The Ruger Mark II/III/IV semi-autos (and the 22/45 variants) are okay to shoot but a real nuisance to detail strip. So bad, in fact, that at least one company sells a conversion to make reassembly possible for ordinary people.
In regards to strip down for cleaning the MKII is not the bear that some make it out to be. I would think the MKIII is the same. The pistol might be tight when brand new. Have owned at least 5 variants of the MKII series and the take down is not that hard , even for ordinary people.
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