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Meat, generally speaking. I shoot the first legal elk I see. No regular cow elk season here in N. Idaho this year (thank you wolves..) so I'm hoping for a spike. Of course if I see a rag or a big bull and can get a shot I'm taking it.
Our deer season is bucks only for the 1st couple of weeks and then open for does for a month. I'll hunt for a decent buck during buck season and if I don't get one I'll shoot the tastiest looking whitetail I see after does opens on Nov 1.
Last year my buddies and I all got young 3 or 4 point bucks and they were quite tender and tasty. One of my buddies got a really nice, big 5-point last year but it was pretty tough eating.
More than anything I just look forward to getting out and going hunting. Any deer or elk is a trophy to me.

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