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Winchester_73 --

I think you may be right. Here's a very informative post by DFariswheel. According to that, they did not start making the Trooper in .357 until about the time they discontinued the 357. He gives a first year manufacturing date of 19544 for both but I have seen 1953 as the first year for the Trooper, but DFariswheel knows Colts.

I do have to wonder about one comment he made: "The 357 was the gun the Python was based on, with the Python having the distinctive lugged and vented barrel, a super-polish blue job and a more polished and tuned action, otherwise being the 357." I have three Pythons (all post 1970) and a 1956 Officer's Model Match. The Pythons are very smooth, especially one in particular. However, this particular 357 and my OMM both have actions that make the Pythons feel like a Taurus. I know there is a lot of variation in particular guns because of the hand tuning and I have not shot a 1950s Python. However, I just don't think you can get it any better than my OMM and this 357.

BTW, here's my OMM:

And my "smoothest" Python:

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