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Here's a 15 shot group done at 25 yards with the MKlll 22/45 5.5 inch barrel

Rested/ cheap pistol scope ( Nc Star 2.5 x 30)/ Fiocchi SM320 ammo.

Besides the 2 shots I pulled: ragged hole was 7/8 inch CTC

Not bad for a pistol that's out of the box/ no mods- (cept the scope)

5 shot groups are the norm for what most do for accuracy,.... anything 10 and more is gonna give a better idea on how precise those groups actually tend to be.

Now does anyone have any rested groups done on the single 10 to compare!?!>>>

It can be shot double action or single action. And the swing out cylinder makes it much faster to reload.
The cylinder might be faster loading vs a mag,.... but not faster when I have several extra mags that have already been loaded

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