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We had a very nice Sportsmen's Club that was actually in town.

When it was founded in the 1920s it was originally it was outside the town limits and in a pretty secluded spot, but the town grew up around it.

It was within walking distance of my house, but unless you were carrying only a .22 and a few boxes of shells, it was easier to drive or bike.

I could also shoot at any number of friends houses "out the valley."

Until 2010, when his Mother died, my friend Dave and I would shoot on his family's farm. There was a little hollow that pitched down towards a stream with a fairly high hill on the back side of it and with nothing but open pasture all the way to the mountain about a half mile past that.

Unfortunately, the farm has been sold, and Dave and his family no longer come East, so other than the NRA range, I'm not really sure where I'm going to be shooting regularly from now on.
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