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Guess I'm either neither or both depending on how you think about it.
I'm gonna shoot my doe(s) for the freezer and hunt my chosen buck.

I've always scouted and picked the best buck I can find in the area to hunt. That's the buck I hunt as long as I spot him during scouting. Have (and currently) hunted the same buck for multiple seasons. This will be the fifth year (yes, fifth year Brian Pfleuger ) on the same buck. If I don't shoot that buck, my buck tag will go unfilled that year.
This means most years I don't score a buck.

About mid season after the weather cools down a bit, I shoot a doe or two for the freezer.

Here's the kicker...if someone told me that I had a choice that I could hunt 'Mr. big buck' and if I shot him I couldn't eat him or... I could shoot does only and eat them, I'd pick shooting the does every time.
Why? I'd rather eat venison then look at antlers.
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