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I only have 2 rifles to my name: A Browning A-Bolt Hunter .270 win and a Winchester 9422 XTR, both of which were alleged safe queens. I have no regrets buying the Winchester 9422 but in hindsight I probably would've saved a little more money and purchased either a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade or a Sako 75 Hunter instead of the A-Bolt. I don't think the A-Bolt is a bad rifle by any means, but ergonomically speaking, I probably would've been better served buying a rifle with a Monte Carlo stock (which the A-Bolt lacks).

Nowadays, I do a lot of research before I commit to buying. There are so many guns i'd like to own so i'd rather have a quality firearm that will last me a lifetime than one that could break down on me in a year. quality over quantity I say
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