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Colt WW-II era USGI M1911A1, with high sights, a long trigger, action job, Wolfe springs, and otherwise stock.

Documented over 50,000 rounds thru it (calculated by the amount of boxes of bullet's I've handloaded for it). I shot IPSC with it back before IPSC became a game, shot it at Gunsite for my 250 course, and carried and shot it for years. Carried it and did regular function practice with WW ball ammo, shot it mostly using handloaded lead SWC's for shooting paper.

Save for a run of failures to feed caused by bad magazines, it has always done it's job. I detail strip it every 1000 rounds for cleaning. I have replaced the odd part over the years "just because" but no part has ever broken in service. There has never been a malfunction other than those caused by bad magazines or bad handloads, and there has never been a malfunction that was not cleared using an immediate action drill.

Most recently a friend did a 250 course at Gunsite with it, and shot the entire course with zero malfunctions using Remington factory 230 grain ball ammo.

It's good for another 50,000 rounds at least.


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