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The front post not being centered drives me nuts. I had one AK that was like that when zeroed (the front sight wasnt canted), and I ended up putting a RPK windage adjustable rear on it, which solved that problem.

While Ive never done it, but from what Ive read, if youre the least bit handy, it doesnt look all that hard to straighten the front sight.

The triggers on both my SAR and WASR were good from a shooting standpoint, especially when compared to standard AR triggers, although my SAR's trigger did have a good bit of "slap" that couldnt be filed out, and was replaced because of it. I did try a Tapco G2 trigger on my WASR after hearing a lot of good things about them, but I must have got a bad one, as it was not near as nice as what came with the gun, and I actually thought it was unsafe.

Ive shot AK's with side mounts and personally didnt like them. They put the optic to high for comfortable/natural shooting for me. I have heard they do have a one now that sits a lot lower, but I havent seen or tried it. Youre best bet here is to probably ask a specific question related to the side mounts and see what others have found to work best.

My favorite mount for the AK's is the Ultimak rail that replaces the upper hand guard. They are very well made, and it allows you to mount a red dot low enough to get it to cowitness with the iron sights, and makes shouldering and shooting as fast and natural as shooting with the iron sights.

This is my SAR with the Ultimak and an Aimpoint ML2 mounted...

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