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"If you turn the gun on it's side when you open it you have no problems at all."


I generally even flip my top breaks completely over before opening the action so that when the ejection cycle is complete the cylinder is pointing straight down at the ground.

Gravity, its' the law, and it's of huge assistance.

I do the same thing with my Hand Ejectors...

Cylinder open, muzzle straight up, palm slaps the ejector rod.

I have never had issues with a case jumping the ejector star and locking the gun up.

"I don't think the 44-40s sold as great as other cals such as 32-20 or even 41 colt."

I have seen, years ago, a chambering breakdown, and I swear I recall seeing the .44-40 either near, or at the top, of the list once the .45s manufactured for the Army were removed.

And you're right, the .32-20 was also right there, and probably the .38-40 was also well in the mix, compliments of the handy union of the Colt revolver and the Winchester 1873.
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