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I read a lot of these threads and I really can't get my head around a happy and fun marraige that is filled with permissions, requests and limitations
I have to say I feel the same way. Maybe when only one person is working things are different, and some sort of agreement needs to be worked out.

For Suzy and me, we have worked out a great solution that keeps us from arguing about money, and avoids the begging and groveling some folks have to do in order to buy something they want.

We both work, and have our own bank accounts/credit cards. We both contribute 1/2 of the cash needed to pay the house bills into a separate joint account for that purpose.

What we each do with the rest of our income is personal business... it really works and avoids the resentment some folks experience. YMMV

Bottom line is build a relationship of trust and understanding. The rest will fall into place
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