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I read a lot of these threads and I really can't get my head around a happy and fun marraige that is filled with permissions, requests and limitations.

I met my bride of 34 years while we were in high school. I dated one other girl my whole life.

From day one, our marraige has been a partnership where-by I trust her judgement and she trusts mine. That's not to say we don't question each other's decisions, but each of us hold ourselves and each other accountable.

If I make a poor decision ... its OUR decision. If she makes a poor decision ... its OUR decision. No finger-pointing or "I-told-you-so".

It was tough putting a lot of our "life" on hold while our daughters grew up, but now we are a lot more mature, have a sound financial future and genuinely enjoy each other's company.

Specific to this topic ... the wife and I enjoy the shooting hobby. We routinely go to the local indoor range and we visit a local trap and skeet range. She has her women's league and I have my hunting weekend with friends.

The the hobby isn't the relationship. A lot of folks find an activity and use it as the fuel for their relationship. Not good.

We both realize and understand that firearms are as sound an "investment" ... in that a smart purchase can maintain its value for the most part and in some cases pay for our hobby.

Each of us likes to experiemnt and try new or different guns. We swap with friends for a day and will sell a gun to fund another. So purchasing one or two today usually means one or two are being sold.

Our collection isn't large by any stretch, but there is a nice variety.

Don't misunderstand ... there are several I would never part with. My dad's guns for example. None are really collectable to any one but me.

We got over an emotional attachment to "stuff" while my parents suffered from cancer. They slowly but surely sold off treasures and I think my mom gave up because she no longer had "stuff". I guess it was that depression era raising that fueled that fire.

A couple times a year we rent a table at a local mom & pop gun show and sell off a few and start the process all over again.

Bottom line is build a relationship of trust and understanding. The rest will fall into place.
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