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Mighty nice piece there!

I have a safety hammerless IJ .32.
I found it at a gun show in a plastic bag completey dissasembled but almost all there, and totally covered in what looked at first to be rust.
Turned out what looked like rust was the remains of nickel plating that had dissolved when the dissasembled gun was soaked in some amonia based solvent for a long time.
I could scrape the residue off with a fingernail, and under that crust the metal though rough showed almost no pitting.

I had not bought this piece with any intention of bringing it back to firing condition. I had bought it as a prop for the dust cover image for a mystery novel my sister was working on.

The firing pin and breech insert were missing, the super fine threads in the breech facewere stripped. I threaded the opening and handmade a relacement for the insert and a firing pin and return spring.

Anyway I afroengineered it till its once more operational, more or less, though the transfer bar was not there so I made a long firing pin and can only carry it with four live rounds and the firing pin resting in the indented primer of a fired case.

Since there was no deep surface pitting I just polished the surface mirror bright using a white polishing compound my nephew gave me for polishing knife blades. To look at it you'd think it was still nickel plated.

I'd like to see these manufactured once more, using modern high strength stainless steels and beefed up latch pins.
If the cylinder were configured to hold .32 ACP the power level and bullet selections would be in the ball park for minimally effective self defense use.

A .32 wouldn't stop a charging psycho with a torso hit, but its a lot easier to beat a man down if blood is pumping from his neck like water from a garden hose.
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