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They are very cool rifles and are considered the best, or among the best military semi-auto battle rifles ever produced. They were expensive to manufacture and must be one of the most underrated military rifles out there.

"Coyote Frank", who owns Coyote Arms in Newnan Ga, south of Atlanta, had an FN-49 with a mounted scope in June or early July at the show in Gwinnett GA. I was there and liked the rifle, though it might have been permanently altered to mount the scope.

He can have a pretty good selection of milsurps, based on what he and his daughter had at the show in early March, near ATL Airport.
She sold me a really nice Enfield #4/Mk. 1 with the bayonet. She is a mortician, and imagine the variety of guns sold when people die....

A private seller at the Southaven MS (by Memphis) show about a year ago offered at least four/five nice original FN-49s, in at least two of the four calibers. I've not noticed the guy at any other shows in this area, though other sellers who frequent those north MS shows might know how to contact him.

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