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That's questionable~ components are not available in many countries, nor would be a press and dies. And getting some of these things into a country could prove fatal.

Friend of mine has lived in Mexico for many years, handguns are available, but ammunition is almost nonexistent. Another friend lives in Portugal, getting a handgun there is most difficult, and ammunition is limited. No components are available to him.

The point being that 9mm ammunition can be obtained, legally or illegally from para-military sources.

Bob Wright
What the......

What kind of off the wall crazy nonsense is that all about..
You tell me, I'd be in trouble getting components...then turn around and say finished ammo can be had legally or illegaly.

Then,,cite twp examples of people that - one has almost nonexistant ammo & the other one has a most difficult time?

Tell me again please how that in any way shape or form supports your position that .357 and/or 9mm Luger is universally available...even if illegal sources are used.

However,,,,I'd have to walk the line and "stay legal" for components?

That makes no sense.
I'd simply go to one of the sources you say would provide illegal ammo.
I doubt if caught, the penalty would be any more severe for buying 100 primers than it would be for buying 100 rounds of 9mm.

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