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By the way I'm counting the day that a monster credit card that I racked up in college will be finally paid off...and that day is very soon
The fact that you're actually paying that off instead of walking away from it speaks volumes about your integrity.

W/that in mind....

Paying that bill off is your number 1 priority.
Revisit the idea of buying more guns at a later point when you're in a better financial position to do so.

I had a $500.00 credit card balance just prior to getting married (>31 years ago). My wife laid down the law. Other than the mortgage on the house and a car payment, she said the wedding was off until I was "debt free".
I managed to come up with an extra $100.00 a month & paid the bill off.
She also laid down the credit card usage guideline. I was in no uncertain terms allowed to use a CC to purchase anything that we didn't have the money in the bank to back up the purchase. I've stuck 100% to that rule since that time.
BTW, (and this is a whole nuther story) my wife handles the books and paying the bills. She has the "money smarts". When I was working (I.m retired now), she gave me a $40. a week allowance. I could blow it or save it up (or whatever was left over @ the end of the week).

Since my wife took over the finances, I check with her every few months to find out how we stand & where the money we have is at & get a rough idea of how much is in what bank.

Anyhow - sorry for the added information, but, this wouldn't make sense w/out it.

To answer your question, no.
My wife has never given me any grief at all over anything I've bought since we've been married & since I've lived by her simple rules. That's up to and including buying a $30k van w/out us discussing it first. The only part of that discussion came when I had to call her to see how much $$ to put on the credit card for a down payment.
To be fair about guns and ammo - my wife does enjoy shooting & she owns a few guns herself.
But - one of my other hobbies is wood working - and - if you think guns are expensive.....

But - there again, whenever I buy something she only asks three questions.
- did you shop around for the best price?
- what credit card did you use?
- what's the warranty?
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