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I'd spar varnish the barrel channel, and keep the stock waxed.

A 7.62x39 bolt on elk. Now that's one you don't hear often. I've got such a rifle, and consider it an ideal whitetail rig. Its zeroed "on" at 100, and never hunts in places that a shot would present past that. With it, and a 135 gr reload, the biggest whitetail of my life, over 180 lbs, got very dead, heart shot at 19 paces. Yeah, I know, an elk is way bigger, like 3-4x bigger, than a whitetail.

I just loaded a bucket ful of 150 gr FNSP's in x39. My math and observations tell me it is the near equal of a .30-30 so loaded. It is in fact the same slug, at like velocity. I read lots of elk have been taken with a .30-30. Pick your shots. Pass less than ideal. Avoid the shoulder. Avoid wounding one. Think like a bowhunter might be good advice. Good luck. You kill an elk w/ your CZ I wanna see pics.
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