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What would you choose?

I'm still undecided about how to proceed with my Redhawk woods gun in .44Mag.

For a long time I had wanted to get upgraded sights over the standard ones. So I ordered the Williams FO set through a local shop. They recently confirmed that they are unlikely to get them so I should look elsewhere.

The choices:

Go all out and spend a total of €200-220 on a weaver rail attachment and entry level reflex sight. This would also mean making alterations to my current Uncle Mike's shoulder holster.

Settle for a single front FO sight from Midway at about €70 delivered (I don't see the rear sight version on sale).

Or, stick with what I have now: the standard sights that I have painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, sealed under superglue. It is not tritium, but you can see them in both day light and darkness (provided they are "charged").

I love new stuff, but I don't want to make any frivolous purchases: only stuff that will really make a difference.
If I buy because I just want new toys, I'll end up regretting my lack of self control...

Secondly, would getting a decent hip holster (such as Simply Rugged) make carrying this beast more manageable, without making it more visible.
As it is, I have to wear some light jacket to conceal, even in summer!!

It may be a woods gun, but I do still meet people collecting mushrooms or berries and, despite being a nation with legal gun ownership, seeing a SS .44Mag revolver on someone's hip is not what locals are used to and I respect that so I don't want to make waves...
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